A downloadable game for Windows

My submission for the LowRezJam 2017.

A short FPS with inspiration taken from the original Doom.

My todo list is still massive by the time I've finished this, but I'm just happy that I got it finished at all. Sorry for the kinda lame ending. I was planning on a boss fight but time got the better of me.

Anyway, thanks for checking this out.

If i have some more time later, I'll try to get mac and linux versions out too.

Published Aug 16, 2017
Made withUnity
TagsFast-Paced, keycards, lowrezfps2017, LOWREZJAM, Unity

Install instructions

  1. Extract
  2. Double click the .exe
  3. Congratulatiosn


tinyFPS_v1.0a.zip 12 MB


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interesting game 

Очень хорошая игра, но я прошел ее очень быстро. Я прошу вас сделать аркадную версию. Маленькая карта без дверей и т. Д. Если противник уничтожен, он появляется в другом месте.


I really, really loved this. It's so simple and kinda cute but I also did have a bit of a thrill! I actually really enjoyed the textureless environment, simple-shaped enemies, and low-res visuals... the latter of which I'm grateful for because it might not have been as neat if it was played in a standard-sized resolution. The geography was interesting and the last room was a blast! Excellent work.

I loved it!

I couldnt make it past the doors and just stayed in a rrom trying to figure it out :/

Press the action button (E by default)